Frequently asked questions

Who is Colo Bicycles for?

Colo Bicycles is for everyone! All you need to have is basic skills in riding bicycles and ability to find frame size from our selection that goes along with your own height.

How many gears Colo Bicycles have?

Our first model comes with only one gear. For that one gear, we have chosen a gear ratio that will suit most riders, by not being too easy or too heavy to pedal. You can ride your Colo Bicycle just like your regular singlespeed bike or alternatively as fixed gear bicycle – choice is yours.

What is fixie or fixed gear bicycle and how does it differ from single speed bicycle?

Fixies or fixed gear bicycles have their cog fixed into the rear hub, what means that whenever your back wheel is in motion, so are your pedals – whether your wheel is moving forward or backward. This makes braking a bit more challenging compared to riding with freewheel. On fixed gear your options with braking are limited; either you resist the movement by slowing down your pedaling or skid brake. Riding fixed gear takes a bit practice and if you are not experienced in riding fixie, we strongly suggest you to keep at least your front brake attached on your bicycle to make your riding much more safer. Fixie isn’t for everyone, that’s why our bicycles are equipped with flip-flop hubs that give you the option, whether you drive it fixed or singlespeed.

What is flip-flop hub?

All 1-speed Colo bicycles come with flip flop hubs, which means that you can choose whether you ride your bicycle fixed or singlespeed. On one side of the hub there is fixed cog and on the other side a freewheel. Just by flipping the rear wheel over you can choose whether you will ride your Colo bicycle fixed or cruise in regular singlespeed mode. Colo 2S does not have flip-flop hub or fixie option.

Will my Colo Bicycle arrive fully assembled?

Colo Bicycles are delivered 90 percent assembled. All you need to do is attach pedals, handlebar, saddle and front wheel to your bicycle. All the necessary tools to do this will come with the bicycle. If you are not sure about your bicycle assembling skills, we recommend you to take your Colo bicycle to the nearest bike shop and they will take care of the business in just couple of minutes – for modest monetary compensation of course.

How will my Colo bicycle be shipped and delivered?

We ship every single custom designed Colo Bicycle within 2-6 working days from the date of order. Domestic deliveries are handled by Finnish post office and international shipments mainly by FedEx and Postnord Logistics.

What are the shipping rates?

Following shipping rates apply to complete bicycles:

  • Finland – Post pick up 0€
  • Finland – Home delivery 10€
  • Sweden – 15€
  • Euro 1* – 30€
  • Euro 2** – 50€
  • Other countries – contact for rates

* Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourgh, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Vatiican City, United Kingdom

**Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia

Shipping rates for parts and accessories will show up when we open the shop section on our site.

What payment options do I have?

We support payments with Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club and JCB card. For invoice and partial payments we offer Collector payment options and for our domestic customers. You can also make payments through all Finnish based banks that are offering e-pay option.

Are Colo Bicycles covered by warranty?

Yes, Colo Bicycles are covered by warranty. Our framesets are covered by 4-year warranty and we also offer 1-year warranty for all non–consumable parts. Consumable parts, like tires, tubes, grips, brake pads and saddles are not covered by our warranty. Read more about our warranty terms >

What kind of returns policy do you have?

All our bicycles and other items sold in our shop can be returned within 14-days after receiving the goods. Some special terms apply to our custom build bicycles, so please check our full returns policy. Read more about our returns policy >

What frame size should I choose?

Colo Bicycles are available in three different sizes; S (52cm), M (55,5cm) and L (59cm). Smallest size suits best for riders between 163cm and 175cm, Medium for 173-185 and Large for riders from 184cm onwards. If you feel that you are between sizes, we would advice you to consider smaller frameset size out of the two possible options.